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For decades, US Special Forces and other forces in the field have used soft armor for their vests and protective vests to minimize injury as a soft armor offers the same protection as hard armor at a lighter weight. However, with modern technology and materials, even soft armor is becoming a weapon in it’s own right. New material technologies and manufacturing methods allow for more durable soft armor that outperforms hard armor. If you plan on being deployed or just need better protection, this new armor is worth considering.

Unlike hard armor, soft armor acts more like a soft stone and adopts a different school of thought. Unlike plate armor, soft armor twists and compresses so much to absorb as much energy as possible over a smaller area. This way what starts out as a little tiny penetrative piece of steel turns into a big giant ball of soft armor. Unlike hard armor, soft armor is flexible and can be shaped to fit the shape of a users body to adapt to any environment. While this sounds like science fiction, this type of armor has been used by the Special Forces since the 1980’s and has only gotten more popular with every day soldiers as technology has advanced and soldiers are faced with a growing number of challenges (click here).

If you plan on joining the military or looking to protect yourself while out in the field, consider using this form of armor. Soft armor is now available in many configurations and you should see a large selection of accessories to go with your plates. Some of the most popular soft armor accessories include cheek pads, chest guard, shields, back packs and other such safety products. You should expect to find all these accessories online and in specialty stores specializing in the product.